About us

We are a Devon based charity that links communities in Devon to Centocow, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
We support and fund education and training for people of all ages. We work directly with pre-school children and their teachers and support training programmes for teens and young women.
Founded in 2001 as Exmouth Centocow Link we became a registered charity in 2019 and have now become partners with four Not For Profit Organisations, (NPO´s) in the area.',
In Devon

Who are we?

The team consists of five trustees, Jane Habermehl, chair person, Steve White, secretary, supported by our treasurer, Mark Richards, Di Bishop and Esther Hannah.
We welcome new members to help us.',

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In South Africa

Where is Centocow?

On the foothills of the Drakensburg Moutains, Centocow is one of the many scattered villages and communities of Kwazulu-Natal. It lies in a deeply rural area above the banks of the river Umzimkhulu. The hospital and the 19th century church put Centocow on the map as an important centre of communication and transport.

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Our aim

Our Aim is to work alongside the communities, to help fund and support education at all levels. We aim to broaden the partnerships between peoples of Devon and Centocow, engaging citizens in a dialogue which will lead us to a better understanding of our shared vision of education and community growth.

Our ongoing support for the teachers and pre-school children, in and around Centocow, is just one of our concerns. We help to resource the pre-schools as well as funding teacher training.

In this rural area there is a strong endeavour for community growth and the empowerment of leaders, to overcome the legacy of the Apartheid Era, in which many of them have grown up.

We have been inspired by the Women’s Leadership Training Programme that empowers young teenagers and gives them opportunities for further education and leadership. These young people are on the cusp of transformation from an indigenous background to entering into the challenges of the modern South Africa operating on a western capitalist model that includes facing the problems of Climate Change, occupation and modern technology.

Training For Transformation (TFT), which was inspired by the revolutionary educational methods of Paulo Freire in Brazil, is used successfully by WLTP to enable participants to explore their own roots and relationships in the hierarchy of their society, as a basis for confronting and overcoming the new societal challenges.

Thus, some of the aims of WLTP are:

  • Acknowledging and learning from indigenous traditions
  • Education for sustainability
  • Bringing the community together
  • Community resilience
  • Confronting climate change through education

We, in Devon, see many similar challenges and believe that we can benefit from the same transformational aims.

  • learning through linking and partnering
  • community growth and development
  • understanding our own situation by learning from another community. reality and perspective

Partners and Projects

We support the following organisations in their work by raising funds for their activities, providing resources plus advice when appropriate.
We regularly visit South Africa, meet them and learn more about their communities´ needs by working with them.

ISCA - Pre-schools
ISCA - Pre-schools

Isibani Sezwe Centocow Pre-Schools Association, is a charitable organisation in South Africa, encompassing the teachers of 60 pre-schools in and around Centocow.

Sunflower Help Creighton Project
Sunflower Help Creighton Project

An organisation that gives support, counselling and other services to women who have suffered gender abuse and violence.


The Women´s Leadership and Training Project is a registered charitable organisation that provides education, empowerment and leadership for young African women.


The Family Literacy Project is also an NPO that provides community libraries and support in family literacy, especially in the area of health and adult or child reading skills.

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