H N O the Hlanganani Ngothando Organization

HNO or to give it its full title, Hlanganani Ngothando Organization is an NGO based in Bulwer which is 20 miles from Centocow.

HNO Logo

H N O, according to their mission statement, is committed to the holistic, creative, quality and sustainable upliftment and development of communities which are characterized by poverty, sickness, and illiteracy.

The Organisation is a non-denominational Christian non-profit. It is a community based organization.

H N O aims to facilitate the development of self-reliance within a caring and enabling socio-economic environment. This will be done by rendering service, in a holistic manner, to children, youth, men, woman and families, and older persons. And to ensure the right of everyone to the development, security and enhancement of the quality of their life.

Services to people with disabilities.

H N O runs the Esinqobile Therapy Centre in Bulwer which provides quality treatment for brain injured children in order to ensure their maximum quality of life and development.

It also runs Esinqobile Special Pre-School which provides specialized education for young handicapped children.

A few years ago they made this video about what they do.

Consider the lives involved. from Paul Speirs on Vimeo.