Persona Doll Training

Finally the long awaited Persona Doll Training, (PDT) for Centocow teachers is about to take off!

Fundraising has now matched our original target with much support from the Exmouth Quakers.

Training teachers - Persona Dolls
Training teachers to use Persona Dolls

Pat Birkett is co-ordinating the training which is scheduled for the end of August.

Persona Doll training will work alongside a trainer from TREE (Training and Resources in Early Education; a not for profit Early Childhood Development organisation based in Durban) that has been trained as a Persona Doll Trainer. Teachers will receive training, support and mentoring and new resource books. PDT will also send a set of Persona dolls and work with TREE to organize a toy library including Persona Dolls, wheelchairs, etc.

Watch this space for details of the project.

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